Stretch and Flex. Revamped.

Physical therapists analyzed field routines to develop a new, technology enabled stretch and flex solution.

Many routines miss these critical components

Adherrence and tracking

Days either missed entirely or not completing the full allotted time

Lack of confidence leading

Foreman feel under-qualified to lead stretches

No dynamic exercises

Injury reduction is higher with dynamic exercises

No visual guidance

Text-only instructions, or small printed photos.


Designed from the ground up

Dynamic modules

Modules rotate on a monthly basis and include dynamic exercises--making stretch and flex more useful and interesting.

Compliance Tracking

Track when exercises are completed. Information can be accessed my mangers to address compliance and quality control measures.

Expert consulting

Program customized to your needs

Videos & audio

Timer countdowns, so you don't have to be looking at a screen to follow along.

Want a demo?

Learn more about the custom programs and compliance tracker.