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Injury Management: Every step of the way

Empower your employees with expert managed care to improve outcomes and reduce costs

COVID-19 Habits

With every one at home now, our old routines are gone. Kinetic is providing a free app to help with this adjustment, plus prevention tools, ergonomic tips, and home exercises.

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Medical Triage, Managed Care

Kinetic provides an end-to-end solution for injury management. Appropriate care starts at the point of injury, reducing unnecessary medical costs and return to work time by up to 40%.

Premier, Instant Triage

Gold standard protocols from Schmitt-Thompson from Kinetic's world class, experienced nurses and doctors provide immediate triage of the injury, 24/7.

Appropriate Care

Medical triage determines whether the injury requires first aid or escalation. Either way, Kinetic's case managers take your employee through the process, working with your team when necessary.

Audited Communications

From triage to discharge, all communications (text, audio, video) are recorded for audits.

Virtual & Physical Care

Kinetic Telemed™ 24/7 nationwide telemedicine gives injured workers convenient access to medical providers without going offsite for care. Our preferred provider network gives employees access physical care when needed.

Reduce lost time

Telemedicine gives your employee access to care whenever, wherever is convenient for them, reducing lost time from travel and waiting to see a provider. This improved access to care further improves recovery time, getting employees back to work faster than ever.

Multilingual access anywhere, anytime, any way

Nationwide, 24/7 access to care in English, Spanish and Chinese via phone, email, SMS, or the Kinetic App.

Physical Locations

Nation-wide preferred provider network gets employees in-person care when needed, at rates that make sense.
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The Smartest App

All employees, regardless of injury state, have access to the Kinetic App -- their portal to health.

Personalized Content

Each employee gets curated content for their own unique needs and lifestyle. Diabetic? High cholesterol? Chronic pain? We have you covered.

Constant Contact and Coaching

Each employee has access to a personal Kinetic Health Coach, and if injured, a Kinetic Medical Case Manager. Access them 24/7 via in app chat or video call.

Multimodal Content Library

Video, audio, and articles with new content everyday. 4000+ existing modules for training or rehab.

The Kinetic Experience

With You Every Step of the Way

Injury? Instant medical opinion

Access remote triage via our phone hotline or video call

Case Management Begins

Regardless of first aid or more severe, a Kinetic Case Manager ensures the employee gets the appropriate level of care. Kinetic Telemed™ provides more advanced medical care when needed.

Constant Contact Through Discharge and Beyond

Kinetic Case Management™ and the Kinetic App provide constant check ins with the employee, ensuring they're adhering to their Plan of Care until they've recovered. The Kinetic App provides continual health information even after discharge, ensuring continued success for your employees!

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